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Breads, Baking and Breadmachines

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Not only can bread machines cope with the standard loaf but they produce dough for pizzas, croissants, cakes, and pastas.

Bread machines range considerably in price depending on based on the complexity of their features. Bread machines can be somewhat inflexible and you are often obliged to us one of a number of pre-programmed cycles.

Before buying you should consider the types of feature you want including the types of breads you're interested in baking, the time you want to invest. Many people are happy with a few settings for which they perfect the recipes to their own taste while other want to continually try out new types.

Choosing a Bread Machine Basics

Consider the loaf size, loaf shape, bread type, crust, and addions to bread.

Loaf Size: Bread machine pans come in various sizes 1- to 2.5-pound loaf sizes, which means you'll get about 8 to 20 slices per loaf, respectively. Some of the latest models offer the option of baking a 1-, 1.5-, or 2-pound loaf with a single machine.

Loaf Shape: The majority of pans today are rectangular to mimic traditional loaves, while a few models still have cylindrical or square pans. Most models have bread pans that come with a nonstick surface, but you should double-check to make sure.

Bread Type: Bread machines have between 3 and 110 different settings that control the dough's texture and density, depending on the recipe. The most basic machines offer white, whole wheat, and multigrain settings. Certain models have additional settings to prepare dough for cakes, batter breads, pizzas, bagels, pastas, and sandwich breads.

Crust: Nearly all machines have a crust-control feature. This works just as it sounds, and allows you to select a light, medium, or dark crust color.

Additions tp Bread:
The yeast, fruit, and nut dispensing option is for those bread makers who want to be very accurate when adding yeast, or want to make speciality fruit and nut loaves. Certain models also have buzzers or light indicators that tell you when it's time to addadditional ingredients.

Other Considerations
Timing and time saving options could be important to you so need to be considered.

Timer: If you want to start baking before you get up or get home from work then a timer allows you to set the bread machine up to start at specific time. Some machines offer timer delays of up to a 24 hours, but make sure you layer the ingredients as instructed.

Rapid-Bake: This option shortens the kneading and prooving times and it tends to produce a denser loaf.

When your bread is baked, the keep-warm option maintains the bread in the machine for up to an hour though the longer you leave it the drier the bread. It can help prevent the bread from sticking to the pan when you are unable to remove it immediately.

Power Failure Recovery: Some bread machines are designed to keep going after a power failure.

Warranty and service
Be sure and check the warranty-these can range from 90 days to one year.

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