EscoffierEscoffier : The Complete Guide to the Art of Modern Cookery

Presented for the first time to the English-speaking public, here is the entire translation of Auguste Escoffier's masterpiece Le Guide Culinaire. Its basic principles are as valid today as when it was first published in 1903. It offers those who practice the art of cookery--whether they be professional chefs or managers, housewives, gourmets or students of haute cuisine--invaluable guidelines culled from more than fifty years' experience.

Practical CookeryPractical Cookery

This volume has been a popular textbook since the 1970s. This new edition has been rewritten to ensure the inclusion of a full range of contemporary recipes and methods, as well as to ensure a new look for the millennium. It includes a wealth of photographs which reflect modern presentation styles, and the book now includes more recipes, though traditionalists will be reassured by the French names beside every classic recipe. The book aims to provide an introductory textbook for NVQ level 2 and 3 catering students and above.

Front OfficeFront Office & Accommodation Services Books

Theory of CateringThis text for hospitality and catering students has been restructured and updated to provide a guide to product knowledge, menu planning, nutrition and hygiene, and supervisory and management skills. It is suitable for NVQ, GNVQ, diploma and degree courses. April 1999 Edition



L.J. Hanneman

The classic and essential bible on Patisserie techniques

Providing a step-by-step approach to professional patisserie techniques, this second edition features 80 colour photographs showing how the finished product should be presented, and a wide range of diagrams to demonstrate the more complex processes. The dishes covered include pavlova, individual vacherins, fancy meringues, Japonaise fancies, canapes, blinis, pasta dough, Danish pastry, fruit flans, petticoat tails, fleurons and sugar balls. Additional information is provided on fruits, and on using eggs or egg substitutes in patisseries.

Key Skills

Books to help you with Key skills:

Application of Number




Garde MangerThe Professional Garde Manger
a thorough treatment of classic and contemporary buffet work in an extremely attractive illustrated package. Describes garnishing and decorating techniques ranging from seasonal fruit layouts with mukimono centerpieces, elegantly simple cheese boards with sweeping geometric lines to ice carvings and stunning tallow and salt dough piece montees. Contains 600 mouth-watering recipes for buffet dishes including canapes, seafood, meats, vegetables, salads and cold sauces.

Advanced Practical Cookery
Ceserani, Kinton, Fosket

Written specifically for skilled craft (NVQ 3) students and chefs, this edition has been revised and updated to include extra information on food allergies, sauces, butters and processed meats. There are also additional pastry, soup and water ice recipes

Larouse ConciseThe Concise Larousse Gastronomique
Prosper Montagne
Concise Larousse Gastronomique is the classic cookery encyclopaedia, known worldwide for its authoritative and comprehensive account of the culinary world, past and present. Larousse Gastronomique is an invaluable source of information for the enthusiastic cook and serious gastronome alike, providing culinary panorama of the present day and history of gastronomy in a single work of reference. Covering nearly every ingredient and cooking style in history; advice on using appliances; recipes; and developments in nutrition this paperback edition holds all the answers. - Nutritional Information. - Over 5000 entries. - Tips and advice on cooking techniques.

The Professional Chef's Art of Garde Mange

Frderic H. Sonnenschmidt, John F. Nicolas

Book Description Professional chefs and culinary students have long relied on this classic culinary text to provide a thoughtful and comprehensive guide to cold and hot food preparation. The exciting Fifth Edition of this unique guide includes: *Updates on the role of the garde manger chef to reflect the growing trend toward healthy eating. *Lavish color photographs in a 16-page full-color insert. *Exciting salads and vegetarian pates and terrines.

Larouse GastroLarousse Gastronomique
Prosper Montagne, Robert J Courtine (Editor)
This is the real real thing - the full version of above. If your interested in food this gives you the indepth knowledge of classical dishes and history of European cookery development with illustration and Artworks.

Level 3 Workbook Food Preparation and Cookery, Larder and Pastry

This NVQ/SVQ workbook is primarity intended as a self-study guide, encouraging students to develop0 responsibility for their own learning. The questions cover all the units for Level 3 - both the advanced craft skills and the supervisory requirement - and essential underpinning knowledge is also included. Space is provided for students to write in their answers so that, once completed, the book can be used in evidence as a Record of Achievement. The workbook is designed to accompany "Advanced Practical Cookery" by the same authors. Victor Ceserani, Ronald Kinton and David Foskett are also the authors of "Practical Cookery" and "The Theory of Catering".

Holy Bible: King James Version: Cameo Reference Edition

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Reviews Synopsis In addition to the King James Version, this gilt-edged Bible includes cross-references, pronunciation marks in the text, and black and red-letter texts. It is bound in dark red calfskin leather and includes a dictionary. This is our favourite cook book -loaves and fishes and all that stuff. Simply indispensable in any Kitchen. This is a beautiful version that will last a lifetime.