Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

France, New World, especially New Zealand.

Enjoys a cool climate. Ideal terroir—the Loire and Bordeaux regions of France.

Found as a pure varietal in the Loire, but often blended with Sémillon in Bordeaux and the New World.

Flavour & Character
Sharp, tangy, gooseberry is the predominant flavour. Also has undertones of grass, nettles, elderflower and asparagus.

Californian winemakers tend to minimise the tart, crisp characteristics of European Sauvignon Blanc by ensuring that the grapes are very ripe before harvesting and then ageing them in new oak.

Depends a lot on the country of origin, e.g., New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc tends to be tangy and sharp; Chile produces softer styles.

Body, Dry/Sweet
Has a natural acidity. Used in dry, medium sweet and sparkling wines.

France's Loire region Sauvignon Blanc has achieved the elevated status of ''Noble Grape.''