Pinot Noir


Home is Burgundy, France. Also produced in California, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Eastern Europe.

Will not tolerate heat well. Thrives in a moderately cool climate. Sensitive to both wet and dry conditions.

Used in most red Burgundy wines. Also in the bulk of Champagne production (white and pink).

Flavour & Character
Predominantly raspberry and strawberry, with a hint of game.

For red wines, fermented at temperatures up to 30 ºC. Good Burgundies are always matured in new oak.

Varies from complex and silky to plain and insipid.

Body, Dry/Sweet
Varies from medium to light bodied wines.

Does not travel well. Outside Burgundy, with a few exceptions, lacks colour and depth. There are some successful Californian Pinot Noirs. Also known as Spätburgunder in Germany and Pinot Nero in Italy.