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From Matt
In Fort Lauderdale

Spicy Lemon Chicken Curry

What is needed:

Fresh Chicken (preferably a couple of breasts - skinned)
Couple of chopped small onions
Crushed garlic
Juice of half lemon
Blend of curry powder, cayenne pepper, turmeric, (like you Steve I think it's best for people to put the amount according to personal taste)
About half-pint chicken stock
Tub single cream
Tin sliced bamboo shoots

How its done:

Cut the chicken into small pieces, and heat in a small amount of oil in a fair sized frying pan.
Add the onion and garlic.
Fry altogether until the chicken is just turning brown.
Add the spices.
Stir all in
Gradually add the stock, and half the cream.
Squeeze in your lemon juice. Heat up.
Simmer for a while (the food that is).
Add the bamboo shoots, and continue to simmer.
Pour in the remaining cream. Stir.
If itŐs not thick enough for you, add a little cornflower.
Serve with rice, orÉ.

Hope you like it Steve. You mention Strongbow a lot, I realise it is cider, but cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Sorry about that Matt.

Strongbow is brilliant; I'll get in touch with Bulmers and see if it's sold in the States

Mark says : "After reading Matt from Ft.Lauderdae's comment on Stronbow, I'm pleased to let him know it is now available in Florida since Dec 2000.You can get it at almost all the British & Irish bars. The George & Dragon (used to be The Trafalgar) on fedral h/way or The Shakespeares in Wilton Manors both carry it."