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From Joe

Savoury Rice

This is a recipe after my own heart that Joe has sent in.

Savoury Rice

Depending on how hungry you are grab the correct amount of sausages you need.
Using a sharp knife [be careful] make a slit in the sausages lengthways.

Open a jar of curry powder and then very gently pinch some curry powder between your fingers and sprinkle in the slit of the sausages. If you are feeling very adventurous you could try this by sprinkling from a small distance above the sausage like the chefs on tv!
Proceed with the sprinkling over all the slits in the sausages. Time will vary depending on how many sausages you have.

Once all the sprinkling is done place the sausages in a pan [which you should have heated up with a little oil].

Cook until brown all over.

While you are cooking the sausages place a bag of frozen rice in the microwave to heat up. If you feel like it is possible cook your own rice, thou this can be quite a sticky task.
Once the sausages are cooked chop them up and add to the hot rice and mix together.
Eat straight away or keep in the fridge until your back from your night out, it saves going to the Indian for a curry.


Thanks Joe. Where’s that club you think you’ve seen me in?

Although in a dark corner, and just my pic. to go by, I suppose it could be anybody you fumbled into, but it’s nice to know the experience inspired you to send in this suggestion.