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From Anon

Beans and scrambled eggs

Hi Steve, I am writing incognito with a confession of what my fiancˇ did!

Can you help!

The situation is getting desperate she never cooks for me? The other day she opened a small half can of beans, (obviously not thinking of me!) and heated them in in a pan. Then, because she was so lazy, she pushed the beans to one side and poured two beaten eggs into the other side of the pan, stirring them until they scrambled.

As they were a bit red from the sauce she mixed the whole lot together and poured on a piece of toast, ground some black pepper on top and sprinkled grated cheese on it! Then went out drinking with her Girl friends!

What should I do?

Now that's the kinda gal to hold onto.

Obviously a survivor, and could probably show Prince William a thing or two in Chile.

Imaginative, innovative, time saving in the kitchen (less utensils to wash!) Hold on to her !! :)