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From Agnes

Noodle Delight

This is from Agnes who says that despite being on a pension this is a little treat she indulges in whenever possible.

Noodle Delight


1 packet of super noodles
Quarter of a red pepper
4 mushrooms
Half a small onion


1. Dice the onions quite small.
2. Slice the mushrooms.
3. Dice the peppers.
4. Heat a small amount of oil in a pan and then add the onions.
5. Thirty seconds later add the peppers and mushrooms and cook for another three minutes.
6. Before you start stage 4 place a pan of water on to boil and cook your noodles as stated on the packet.
7. If you have followed the method correctly the noodles should be ready at the same time as the vegetables. Mix vegetables and noodles together.
8. Serve immediately.

If you are feeling rather hungry you can double the recipe for a special noodle delight.

Thanks for that Agnes, hope your legs are better soon. And your computer classes are obviously working, keep it up!