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If you’re like me you take one look at a recipe, see all those weights and measures and ---just close the book.

I mean all you want to do is eat something bearable, maybe even enjoyable, right?

Really, it’s mainly yourself you’re cooking for remember.

Guests, what are they?

OK, OK, in time maybe. Meanwhile let’s look after No.1

Now me. I’m a strapping lad, so all the defiance of all that is sacred in cooking etiquette, hasn’t done me any harm!

Have faith; trust me!


Steve's guide to cooking for one.

A site dedicated to those who want an easy life in the Kitchen
  Spicy, not just Hot!
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One Liners

Maggots? Or Apples
some fall cider recipe ideas
'When all the world is driving you barmy ,
Just sit down with a great chip sarnie.
Knock it back with a pint, And think.
Stuff it, let's have another drink'
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'Instead of buying Salt&Vinegar crisps, buy your own plain crisps and sprinkle your own vinegar over - nice in bread and butter as well'

'If your not keen on putting butter on your toast, but don't like dry toast, try grilling sliced tomatoes on them'

'Put curry powder, or turmeric in your baked beans for beans on toast'

'If you're thinking of heating a pie in the micro, first carefully cut off the pastry top, sprinkle a little curry powder over the contents, replace the top, and proceed to heat it as normal in the microwave'.
'For cheese on toast, make a few slices of the cheese on toast and put an alternate layer of brown sauce/red sauce between each slice when you put them on your plate'