Maggots? Or Apples!

Did you guess?

Autumn is that time of year here in Britain when the apples have fallen. And what do we do about it?

Logic dictates to me we can let the apples fall, leave them, and let the maggots have them.

Or, drink more cider, YES, why let the maggots have all the fun!

And the more cider we use the less left on the ground for the enemy. And for those sensible ones of you who think there’s more to alcohol than just getting drunk – you’re right – you can use cider with food (Oh, Happy Days)

Cider is one of the oldest beverages known. Apples are pressed and the juice then goes through a natural fermentation process in oak vats, resulting in a refreshing alcoholic  drink from the most natural products.

Cider is the ideal accompaniment to food.

Dry, medium, and medium sweet. Best served chilled, and served with food as you would in the same way as white wine.

Dry Cider

With fish, chicken, poultry, hot/spicy food and salads.

Medium Cider

A little sweetness and fuller flavour than dry cider.

With foods mentioned above, and also red meat, pork and oriental food.

Medium Sweet Cider

Full bodied feel, refreshing and light.

With fresh fruit and cheese.

Dry Cider: Strongbow, Dry Blackthorn, Max Dry.

Medium Cider: Bulmers, Coopers, Special Vat, Scrumpy Jack, Old Somerset.

Medium: Linden Village, Blackthorn Sweet

And numerous others, here in Britain, and abroad.

Interested? OK, well I’ve started off a few recipes. Delve deeper. And remember my earlier Philosophy – nothing too complicated, ideal for the single person to prepare, and yes, let’s start thinking guests (or huge appetites!)

(my thanks to the Cider Industry Council)