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Attention Points

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The cooking of food/food items by convected dry heat in an oven


Place foods in a hot oven, usually without any significant amount of fat or liquid this can be varied by the placing of foods into an oven

i with humidity factor introduced i.e. steam

ii within a water bath (bain marie) this helps control the temperature ensuring that the items in it do not rise above 1000C - Always check that the oven is set at the correct temperature.

Foods suitable for baking

1. Basic flour products including sweet and savoury items.


• Short - sweet or savoury

• Puff - English, French, Scottish or rough

• Choux pastry

• Hot/cold water pastry

• Strudel and pasta dough

Yeast dough products - bread, rolls, buns, savarin, rum babas, pizza - etc.


• Victoria sandwich

• Genoise sponge

• Swiss roll

Other flour products

• scones

• shortcakes

• biscuits

• products made from non wheat flour i.e. blinis (Russian pancake bread made from buckwheat), tortillas made from maize flour, rye bread etc.

2 Milk and egg custard based products - creme caramel, diplomat pudding, bread and butter pudding, rice pudding, quiche etc.

3 Fruit

4 Potato dishes

5 Others i.e. meringue, soufflés,

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Attention points

1 temperature control and shelf positioning

2 time control

degree of cooking required

3. Safety

• use of oven gloves

• hot handles

• sleeves rolled down

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1 pastry & proving ovens

2 general purpose oven ranges

3 forced air convection ovens

4 small equipment and utensils

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