RECIPE Number 59  
  Dish: Guinea Fowl with Asparagus  
  Enter number of portions required: 12 Enter price per UNIT / LITRE / KG  
  Portions 4 MLS or GMS 3 MLS or GMS PRICE TOTAL COST  
  Guinea Fowl 1.5Kg 2   6        
  Cream tbsp 3   9        
  Egg White   1   3        
  Nutmeg grated pinch 1   3        
  Asparagus     500   1500      
  Dried wild mushrooms   10   30      
  Boiling Water     150   450      
  Butter     30   90      
  Button Mushrooms     225   675      
  Dry Sherry     110   330      
  Lemon Zest   1   3        
  Fresh Basil tsp 1   3        
  Basil leaves to garnish              
  1 Soak dried mushrooms in boiling water  
  2 Cut Guinea fowl for supremes, skin. bone and mince leg meat  
  3 Add nutmeg, cream, chopped basil, lemon zest and season. Mix well.  
  4 Fold in egg whites cover and chill  
  5 Trim Asparagus and steam for three minutes, refresh under cold water  
  6 Beat out breasts between sheets of greaseproof paper until 3mm thick  
  7 Spread breasts with filling and place asparagus spears on top  
  8 Roll in greased foil and twist ends, cook for 45 mins at gas 5 / 180ºC  
  9 Drain Mushrooms through Kitchen paper keeping the liquor. Rinse the mushrooms under running water then dry in paper.  
  10 Chop and fry the dried and button mushrooms for two minutes, add sherry, juices from cooked guinea fowl and mushroom liquor and reduce by half and season  
  11 Present guinea fowl in slices, coat with mushroom sauce and garnish with basil leaves