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One of the best seafood sites out there - with pictures and recipes, preparation methods etc. Well worth a visit! Take a look at the Techniques section, some good stuff on basic preparatory and cooking techniques .
Loads of stuff here links to images , species and a few recipes thrown in?
Seafood National Information Centre Loads of stuff here links to images, species information and a few recipes thrown in?

"The Seafood List" is a compilation of existing acceptable market names for imported and domestically available seafood as well as scientific names, common names, and known vernacular or regional names. "

Molluscs Sources of Molluscs

Regulatory Fish EncyclopediaU.S. Food & Drug Administration Seafood Products Research Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia? A bit of a mouthful but some good information.

A good place for all you mussel lovers. Suggest a recipe, get ideas!!

Rick Stein

Rick Stein's Website with online shop for fish delicacies