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Chef's or chopping Knives

These general purpose knives are ideal for chopping, dicing and slicing vegetables, meat, herbs and other ingredients. This is a classic French chef's knife, with a broad blade and a curved cutting edge for rocking through a chopping task. The 8-inch blade suits most cooks; those with small hands might prefer a 6-inch blade and those with large hands might choose a 10-inch one.



Blades between 15cm/6in to 30cm/12in. As all knives look out for a tang that is the full length of the handle and a good sized bolster to prevent fingers slipping onto the blade. The price you pay then depends on the quality of the steel. Some handles are carbon and have the fused tangs and no rivets, other are solid metal, although personally my experience with some all metal brands ie (Global) had not been good with rapid damage to blades and uncomfortable grip, but your choice depends on how much you want to spend and personal preference, does it feel comfortable, is it worth it, can you afford it?


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