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Cheese knives

The classic shape is designed to slice firm and hard cheeses and then neatly pick up the slices with its forked end. This type of knife is used in the dining room on a cheese board.

Cheese Knife


The classic designs for cheese knives tend to drag down the cheese and compact the slices, but , open-work blade adds air to the mix, which makes for even slicing. This type of knife is used in the dining room on a cheese board.

Cheese Knifw open

For hard and even semihard cheeses a wire cheese slicer cuts cheese thinner than knives can and without the added pressure on your hands. The stainless-steel wire ensures a thin slice.


Wires are available on marble or wooden cheese boards to enable easy slicing of larger blocks of cheese

Marble wire

Wooden Wire


Cheese planes also enable thin slicing and can be found on some graters. Hard cheeses are odd in that the thinner they're sliced, the more flavorful they are. And while it might not seem so, thinly slicing cheese is a difficult task. Cheese planes, in one smooth stroke, take the guesswork out of how to achieve the perfectly sliced piece of cheese.

Cheese Plane

Speciality pointed knifes will break up that Stilton into consumable pieces and accomplish the same with aged cheddars, Parmesans, and pecorinos--any hard, firm, or crumbly cheese. A narrow-bladed knife cleanly slices pieces from blocks of semisoft and semifirm cheeses such as Brie, Camembert, jack, and Jarlsberg. A wide-bladed knife works the same for soft, crumbly cheeses.

Cheese Knives

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